Skyship Entertainment launches new Animated Series – Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates

Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates

TORONTO (February 8, 2019): Skyship EntertainmentTM announced details of a new 2D animated series for children ages 4+, Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates, which will launch on its Super Simple TV YouTube channel starting Monday, March 4, 2019

Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates (26 episodes x 5-6 minutes) follows the adventures of Captain Seasalt and his band of curious shipmates as they explore the 26 islands of the Alphabet Archipelago in search of phonetic treasure.  The pirates also learn teamwork and problem solving skills during their vocabulary-building adventure on the high seas.

“Over the years, we’ve produced a lot of great early fundamental alphabet content. With Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates we wanted to do something a bit more advanced and wrap it in a fun and exciting narrative to keep older kids entertained,” said Devon Thagard, Co-Owner of Skyship Entertainment.

While Captain Seasalt himself is the captain of adventure, it’s his merry band of pint-sized pirate shipmates who amp up the charm of the series.  “Working with real kids we were able to bring a very genuine energy to the show, in the same way that the old Peanuts cartoons had, and that was the vibe we were aiming for,” explained Brett Jubinville, Skyship’s Head of Production and series Co-Creator.

The cast includes Mackenzie De Zilva as Maya, Gabriela Francis as Ellie, Leo Orgil as Sammy, and Simon Pirso as Pedro. Hayden Finkelshtain stars as Captain Seasalt and the crew’s devoted dog, Pepper.

Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates is Executive Produced by Troy McDonald, Devon Thagard, Brett Jubinville and Morghan Fortier, and written by Kathryn Durst, Pammy Salmon and Steve Shanahan. 

About Skyship Entertainment and Super Simple

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Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates